Fundraise for us

All the work we do here at Team Evie to help sick children and their families is funded through the kind support of you, our supporters!

You may want to sign up for one of our events or you may want to organise your own event…

So many wonderful people have organised events or activities that have raised money over the years and we always welcome new ideas! We will help out where we can with your events and promote them in our events section for you, get in touch to let us know what you are planning! If you would like to raise some funds for Team Evie but you are struggling to think of an idea, maybe you could get some inspiration from our handy A – Z of fundraising ideas…

A – Arrange a charity auction evening

B – Bonus Ball; run a competition on the lottery with half the pot going to the winner and half to Team Evie!

C – Collection pots; volunteers to be one of our collection pot managers

D – Dress down at work day

E – Events; sign up for one of our Team Evie led events, or attend someone else’s event to support them!

F – Find the treasure! Organise a children’s treasure hunt

G– Go Green for Team Evie! Turn your work place green by all wearing Evie’s favourite colour!

H – Host a coffee morning

I – Invite your friends to join Team Evie and get involved, we love having new people in the team!

J – Just giving is a great way to fund-raise or be sponsored for an event; head to to get started

K – Kilimanjaro?! Climb a mountain and get sponsored!

L – Ladies night; organise a night of wine, laughs and… well, it’s best we don’t know probably!

M – Make some cakes to sell in your workplace; everyone loves a cake!!

N – Name the teddy

O – Organise a charity night: pie & pea supper? Raffle? Tombola? Gig? Race Night? Fashion Show? The list is endless…

P – Pub crawl. Dress up and tour the pubs with collection pots

Q – Quit drinking/smoking/eating chocolate for a month

R – Run or ride in a race

S – Shop at the Team Evie store

T – Take some Team Evie merchandise and sell it at a fair

U – Undertake a challenge. Look at our events page for ideas

W – Wax your legs (one for the fellas!) or maybe even your head?! It is a classic which always attracts lots of attention and sponsors!

X – Xtreme challenge; the bigger and crazier the challenge, the more attention (and sponsors) it gets! Nici could even get you in the press for your challenge!

Y – Yogathon

Z – Zip wire?!

Once you have your idea get in touch and let us know when and where you are holding it and we can promote you on our social media pages!