One Million Steps Challenge

Welcome to the Team Evie One Million Steps Challenge!!

Take the challenge as an individual

Our next challenge starts on the 1st January 2024! You can sign up here!

Sign your business up for the challenge

To get involved with your business and encourage staff to take part please get in touch with us here and we can talk about how this works! It is really simple to get signed up and have your own landing page as a business, meaning you can track both your team’s steps as a group and your fundraising – then you have a wonderful story of staff well being & social impact to share about your company!

What is the Million Steps Challenge?

The challenge is really simple – walk 1,000,000 steps in 100 days! This means walking 10,000 steps each day and covering approximately 500 miles in a few months!

The event is absolutely brilliant for us as a charity, and you our supporters!

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 our fundraising has been hit HARD, meaning we have lost a huge chunk of our income. It is really difficult to find ways you wonderful supporters can get involved and help us raise money whilst being totally safe…but this challenge does exactly that!

Each participant takes on their steps on their own, with those from their household or at a safe social distance with friends… Every participant gets their own online fundraising page as part of sign up so all fundraising can be done online too!

However, not only do you get to do something wonderful for Team Evie…this challenge is amazing for YOU (or your staff) personally too. Taking part has changed peoples lives.

By signing up for the Million Steps Challenge you will:

  • – Develop new habits with your exercise and well-being
  • – Get an introduction to mindfulness, benefiting your mental well-being
  • – Be aware of the movement you make each day and become accountable for the exercise you take
  • – Make a positive difference to your daily routine

You may also:

  • – Lose weight
  • – Feel more focused
  • – Get more sleep
  • – Be more productive
  • – Develop other positive habits such as improved diet

As part of the sign up process you will create a fundraising page which you can share with family and friends to get sponsorship for taking part in the challenge. You will be asked to add information to the page about why you are taking part and set a target for your fundraising – with the money you raise going to Team Evie!