25th April 2019

Support in the community

Greg Johnston

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Donation of equipment to the Community Nursing Team to launch Downs Clinic

We are thrilled to announce our latest donation to the wonderful Community Nursing Team in West Cumbria.

We have helped the team with the creation of an annual clinic for Down’s Syndrome children by providing an ECG machine, a portable SATs machine, some medical scales and a set of specialist baby scales, costing over £6000 in total! The impact of these donations is going to be huge…

Children with Down’s often present as being well, and having the opportunity to be fully checked over at an annual review (an MOT if you like!) is crucial to identify any changes or problems which may need further investigation or referral. Thanks to our donation of the equipment to run the clinic the team are now able to check the children’s weight, oxygen saturations, heart rhythm and more in addition to the blood test, blood pressure etc… giving a full picture of the health of the child to inform the nursing staff.

Maria Morton, community nurse and member of our Advisory Panel, said “Team Evie has really given us the belief over the past few years that we can push forward and develop our services. We are thrilled to be adding the clinic to the services we offer, it will make such a difference to the children and families we work with.”

A huge thank you to Sellafield Ltd for their funding of the ECG machine and medical scales, and to Evie’s Gran and Granda for their funding of the portable SATs monitor.

We are so proud to be able to make such a difference in our community and be involved in the creation of such an amazing service!