Advisory Panel

The Team Evie Advisory Panel is made up of professionals who are leaders in their field. The team are in place to advise us on the donations we make and services we offer in the four areas we work – Transportation to Hospital, On the Ward, In the Community and Bereavement Support – to ensure that we are always providing the best resources and support we can. We are so grateful to the panel for their commitment, time and expertise which they give to the charity, and we are so proud to have them as part of Team Evie!

Shelley Sweeney
A child's stay in hospital

I am a Sister on PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) at The Great North Children’s Hospital , which is where i met and cared for Evie and her family . My job is to co-ordinate and deliver high quality care in partnership with families , patients and the health care team . However i think it is so much more than that , I have the privilege of working with the sickest children in the north east and their families helping support them through the worst times of their lives with the best quality care and a smile . I also have a passion for clinical education providing ward based training for staff of all levels to ensure we provide the best care possible . My job is extremely rewarding and i consider myself very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with amazing resilient children and families. I cannot wait to work with Team Evie!

Maria Morton
In the Community

I am Children’s Community Nurse based in West Cumbria and I care for sick children in the community, as I did helping Greg and Jill look after Evie at home. Most of my work takes place in children’s homes, but I also visit schools, nurseries and hold clinics in hospital. I aim to reduce the impact of childhood illness and hopefully hospital admission.

Helen Westwood
Bereavement Support

I have a varied background in adult nursing, midwifery and health visiting and have recently joined North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust as a Bereavement Liaison Specialist Nurse. In this role I will be leading the development of bereavement care services for patients and families throughout the Trust. I have a special interest in care following the loss of a baby, and believe passionately that every bereaved parent should be offered a high standard of care and be able to access support as and when they need it. I am so proud to be working with Greg and Jill to co-facilitate the Bereavement Group. We know that the group will make a difference to many parents who are grieving for their babies, allowing them a safe place to share experiences and to support each other.

Matt Strickland
Web, Communications & Data

I’ve been interested in web design and development since my early teenage years and set up my own company – Rocket Sites Ltd – in 2012 with a view to working with organisations of all kinds and sizes. When Greg and Jill set up Team Evie they asked me to create and manage the website – something which I was more than happy to do! The site had a total re-build in 2017 and I’m looking forward to using ever-evolving technologies to help this ever-evolving charity continue to thrive.

Stuart Senior

I first met Greg and Jill a couple of years ago through my day job. Greg mentioned that he ran the Team Evie charity and was looking for volunteers to help him run annual Lakeland 3 Peaks Challenge. I explained that I am a member of Penrith Mountain Rescue Team and would be happy to assist. Myself and three other lads from Mountain Rescue helped out and I’m pleased to say that we didn’t lose any of the participants (or manage to get lost ourselves!). Since the 3 Peaks I’ve helped Team Evie with the inaugural 3 Lakes Challenge which proved to be really popular with all that took part.

I was honoured when Greg and Jill asked me to become a member of the charity’s advisory panel. I look forward to working with Team Evie for many years to come!

Tom Gannon
Communications & Public Relations

I’m a multi-award winning communications professional based in Cumbria with over a decades experience working in local government and more recently the nuclear sector.

After hearing about the amazing work of Team Evie I’m delighted to be able to support the charity and all its supporters.