Events Team

We run many events throughout the year; The Candlelit Remembrance Walk, 3 Lakes Walk, Lake District 3 Peaks, Family Ramble…and this list is ever expanding!

Running events is a big challenge for us a small charity, as we want to maximise the experience of those taking part, the funds that are raised through fundraisers, but most importantly the safety of everyone involved. This is where our amazing team of volunteers come in…

These wonderful people that help us to run events have a fantastic bank of skills and experience that as a team mean that those taking part are kept safe, motivated and have fun! If you join us at one of our many events you will see some familiar faces from this team.

Thank you so much to all the team who give up so much time and lend their skills to Team Evie!

Mike Smyllie

I first met Greg at the tender age of 11, when we started secondary school together. Many years of playing football, rugby and cricket later, we both moved off to Newcastle, separately, to continue our studies. During this time we lost touch with each other somewhat.

When Evie was born, Greg and Jill posted regular updates about her condition on Facebook. After realising he was so close down the road in Cumbria again, I felt that it was right to get back in touch and offer any support I could. Here I am giving the support I can through the amazing and thoughtful work that Team Evie does.

Due to my background in outdoor instruction and event management, Greg and Jill tend to wheel me out whenever there is a chance of wind, rain, snow or even baking heat getting in the way of safely getting a group of Team Evie legends around some kind of a challenge out in the wilderness. Usually that means I have to wear a radio on my jacket. Bonus!

I’m hugely proud to work with Team Evie, and am constantly inspired by not only their work, but also how the ‘Always Moving Forwards’ mantra permeates everything they do, which is shown in the quality of events that they run, which surpass even the best events companies I have worked with over the years!

Marc Skillen

I work in training and education, love sport, food and watching telly. I initially heard about the great work the charity was doing through a friend who was involved. The type of fundraisers were right up my street – 3 peaks, 3 lakes challenge, sportsman’s dinners – so thought I could help out, and have a good time. Since doing so I’ve had some great days out and met some amazing people.

Coincidentally after becoming involved with Team Evie we had a very premature baby and were on the receiving end of the brilliant support the charity provides.

Stuart Senior

I first met Greg and Jill a couple of years ago through my day job. Greg mentioned that he ran the Team Evie charity and was looking for volunteers to help him run annual Lakeland 3 Peaks Challenge. I explained that I am a member of Penrith Mountain Rescue Team and would be happy to assist. Myself and three other lads from Mountain Rescue helped out and I’m pleased to say that we didn’t lose any of the participants (or manage to get lost ourselves!). Since the 3 Peaks I’ve helped Team Evie with the inaugural 3 Lakes Challenge which proved to be really popular with all that took part.

I was honoured when Greg and Jill asked me to become a member of the charity’s advisory panel. I look forward to working with Team Evie for many years to come!

Kevin Dowding

As a colleague of Stuart Senior’s in Penrith Mountain Rescue I was one of the lads that volunteered to assist with Team Evie’s wonderful annual Lake District 3 Peaks Challenge back in 2018.

Meeting Greg, Jill, and the rest of the Evie team I have since offered my help and have assisted with many other fun and extremely rewarding fundraising events they’ve organised. I have learned about why this charity started, who the raised funds are primarily aimed at, and how this invaluable assistance helps and the difference it makes to those families and people, all of which I enormously admire.

As an experienced walker and first-aider I love supporting the events and helping lead and guide the party, provide local knowledge and anecdotes, and hopefully provide added motivation and conversation to propel you on to complete the wonderful challenges.

Steven Sinclair

I first got to know Team Evie (and more specifically Greg!) when they became the official charity of my workplace NEPO for 2018.

It goes without saying that the funds Team Evie raise are vital and make such a significant difference to those that benefit from it. Being a local charity too, it was nice to be able to see that impact here in our communities.

The programme of events that Greg led was a key reason why NEPO were able to raise more in 2018 than any other year prior. The events that we could access gave structure to our fund raising. Plus, they were fun!

2018 had seen many new events for Team Evie. In 2019, I was happy to help support and participate in some repeat events by reflecting on what we had learned and enjoyed in 2018.

I am delighted to have been asked to make this a little bit more official and will be providing more structured support to the established and growing list of Team Evie events.

See you there!

Michael Murray

My first encounter with Team Evie was though my workplace NEPO, they were our chosen charity to sponsor that year (2018). On the back of getting to know Greg and the whole of Team Evie through running events and fundraising, this really pulled me into their effort and drive to provide the crucial care and rest bite parents need at extremely difficult times.

Seeing and hearing first-hand the experience’s they had went through with Evie and how they were working relentlessly from that day to support other families in those situations, alongside supporting local hospitals in the North East resonated with me. The more I learned from Greg and the team on the efforts that are going on daily I knew I wanted to support as much or even as little as I could.

Greg and the Team have organised some very fun, interesting and challenging events for people of all abilities, I have not only had the chance to take part (as a guinea pig) but also help chaperone for some of the events such as “3 lakes” and “3 Peak Challenge”, and I can definitely say taking part in these events has been a stand out moment of my whole year when I look back, not only in the challenge you overcome, but the vital support you know you have achieved for families in need with the fundraising you have done.

Also it doesn’t hurt that the whole Team Evie Squad are some of the friendliest bunch you will meet, so alongside torrential rain, tee-shirt tans and everything mother nature can throw at them, they always stay upbeat, joking and laughing throughout the events.

I look forward to supporting the efforts of Team Evie into 2020! And completing some challenges with you all!

Adam Smith

I first got involved with Team Evie back in 2018 as part of our organisations (NEPO) charity endeavours. Since then Greg has kept me fit(ish) with many of the annual events like the lakeside walk and the three peak challenge (slog!).

Learning how Greg, Jill and Team Evie has dedicated their time entirely to support children and families going through tough times has been really inspiring and I’m honoured to be able to support the great cause wherever I can.

I am Proud to be working with Team Evie a little more officially and looking forward to getting involved for the years to come.”