31st January 2018

Supporting our hospitals

Greg Johnston

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A new batch of parent bags delivered to Nectar!

We were thrilled to deliver the next 100 parent bags to Dominic at the Nectar team’s headquarters in Newcastle yesterday! We have even included something new in this batch – a Team Evie notebook (which are super cute!). Thank you so much to the wonderful team at ‘Out of Eden’ who supplied us with a lot of the toiletries for this batch – such lovely people!!

The parent bags make such a difference, so thank you so much to those of you who have donate via our online store to pay for some of the bags to be put together for the team and the families they help in their time of need. If you want to hear how much of an impact the bags have on families, read our latest Showcase Saturday!

If you would like to donate to help us buy a parent bag for the next batch, or buy yourself one of lovely new notebooks you can by visiting our store!