Physiotherapy Equipment

When a child is in hospital the treatment they receive from the physiotherapist is crucial to their care, development and recovery.

It is often misunderstood or not common knowledge that the physiotherapists do an incredible amount of work in caring for both short and long term patients in hospital. This care is to help children and babies continue their physical development, help them to not lose strength whilst stuck in bed…but also the physiotherapists are absolutely crucial for children who have lung conditions or are ventilated. We saw first hand this support when Evie was in hospital and with our work with Team Evie we support the physiotherapists as they don’t always have access to the equipment they need to best support children…

Therefore we have provided:

  • Specially designed chairs – for helping babies and children to sit upright rather than lie in bed – helping to strengthen muscles and joints.
  • Custom made bean bags – that help children develop their posture whilst being confined to their bed or cot during hospital stays
  • A Nippy Clearway – a very clever piece of equipment that helps children to cough and clear their lungs. This is a life saving piece of equipment, and also helps prevent admissions to intensive care as the physios are able to help children on the wards using this machine meaning they avoid needing more urgent care, or in some cases a ventilator
  • Bendy bumpers – these are so simply, yet wonderful soft cushions which can be positioned at any angle to help babies to lie in various positions in their cot or bed, this means they are comfortable, supported and also crucially helps to prevent bed sores from staying in one position for too long.
  • Floor mats – these are used with the children on the ward for doing developmental work while they are in hospital, made from special material that can be cleaned down after use.

The support we give to the physiotherapists makes a huge difference. We help children to be more comfortable, stronger, able to keep up their development and not fall behind just because they are poorly in hospital…and most importantly of all the donations we make are saving lives of children.