Special Baby Groups

More and more parents are looking after their poorly children at home, with the support of the fantastic Community Nursing Team. We were lucky enough to have Evie at home for 3 weeks during her life, and saw first hand the incredible support, skill, advice and help the Community Team provide.

Looking after a child at home who has a chronic, or long-term, condition can be very isolating and scary for a parent. It can feel like everyone else can take their children wherever they like, to soft-plays, baby groups, the park…and you are stuck at home because of the worry attached to all those activities for you and your child… therefore in support of the Community Nursing Team we created the Special Baby Groups – a safe place where parents can take their child and enjoy it!

The group provides security and reassurance as it is run by the wonderful nurses, using equipment provided by us. Parents can relax in the knowledge that medical staff are there and their child is safe. And the children can enjoy LOADS of toys and games – including a ball pool!

Another aspect of worry for the parents we support is people asking endless questions – whether it be about their child’s oxygen dependency, if they look ‘different’, are fed through a tube… all things which are perfectly normal to those of us who look after poorly children. At the Special Baby Group families can attend and know they are with others who totally understand, and can support each other. I can be so isolating, and feel that you are the only one who faces the challenges of parenting a child with a medical condition – but at the group everyone is in the same situation and it is really reassuring for parents to know they aren’t alone.

We currently support groups in West Cumbria and North Cumbria – but hope to start one in the south of the county soon!